FAQs (Continued)


Q. What about infection?

A. Every effort is made to prevent infection. All patients are asked to use antibiotic ointment nasally, three times every day for one week before surgery, and IV antibiotics are given just before and also immediately after surgery. Naturally, all the instruments & prostheses are sterile.
Q. How do I know I need a joint replacement?
A. This for the most part is not that complicated. It is all a matter of:
Q. What prosthesis do you use?
A. I use the Stryker prosthesis. Stryker is one of the largest orthopedic implant companies in the world. They have a team of scientists & engineers constantly looking to improve their products.I use the most modern & up to date components available anywhere.
Q. What are my restrictions after surgery?
A. For the most part there are no restrictions after surgery. You should be cautious, and use your discretion
Q. Will my leg lengths be equal after surgery?
A. Every effort will be made to equalize your leg length with the opposite side in a hip replacement. This will include preoperative measurement of X-rays, intraoperative clinical evaluation and at times intra operative X-rays. A 'leg length caliperí will also be used intra-operatively.
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